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Italian wine is traditionally meant to go with food, which is fine by me. Wine producing regions in Italy grow different grape varieties that are suited not only to the local climate, but also to the regional cuisine. So, a glass of Chianti Classico is perfectly paired with a Tuscan pecorino sheep´s milk cheese, while the fragrant wines from Mt. Etna enhance the flavor of Sicilian fennel-spiced sausage. Follow my travels through Italy visiting wine cellars, staying at wineries, and tasting wine with regional food – see you at lunch.

Peaks of Gastronomy – Michelin Chefs Bring Gourmet Cuisine to Rifugi in the Dolomites

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Hiking Italian style means gourmet cuisine in the Dolomites, where Michelin-starred chefs have created special dishes served at mountain rifugi during the “Peaks of Gastronomy” initiative.

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