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Life in Italy is a love-hate thing. I admit to being seduced by Tuscany’s magical golden light, besotted by the Renaissance, tantalized by Sicily’s sensuous pastry shops, charmed by the Italian language and then quickly disenchanted by the brutal reality of getting almost anything done. I’ve suffered heartless years of waiting for an insurance claim, submitted to diabolical rules for getting a driving license, and wept broken-hearted sobs when the plumber never called back. The tempting dream to live in Italy may sound like a romantic endeavor, but it helps to be nuts.

Horses Decorated with Flowers at the Cavalcata di San Giuseppe Festival – Celebrate St. Joseph in Sicily

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Horses decked out in elaborate flower-laden cloaks and headdresses, with necklaces of jangling bells, are the centerpiece for the sumptuous Cavalcata di San Giuseppe celebration in the town of Scicli in Sicily. The Festival of St. Joseph becomes a theatrical event during this unusual festa.

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