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Simply by putting one foot in front of the other, walking gives an immediate sense of exploring a new place, and the physical activity means you can have more for lunch. I read Italian travel guides and hiking magazines to find out about new areas for walking tours in Italy, and especially enjoy pathways that represent a piece of Italy’s history, like Roman and Etruscan roads, or pilgrim trails and smuggler’s paths. Often I just walk out my front door in Sicily, and go walking for the pure pleasure of it, with no set destination other than resting under a 500-year old olive tree.

Wild about Wildflowers – Best Time of Year for Walking Tours of Italy

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Italy’s wildflower season is a long one – one can follow the seasons by traveling from south to north and enjoy spring in bloom for 6 months! For wildflower enthusiasts, naturalists, or gardeners who simply enjoy the outdoors, Italian Connection hosts a series of unique walking tours to celebrate Italy’s most spectacular wildflower regions. Wildflower […]

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