6 thoughts on “Italian Desserts – Panna Cotta Recipe, Technique and Sauces

    1. Since I live in Italy, I commonly find gelatin sheets in a grocery store. If you are in the USA, you might try mail order at gelatin innovations.com Let me know how your panna cotta turns out!

  1. I love italian foods and deserts. Italian foods and deserts are my favorite. The Penna Cotta sounds amazingly tempting but i would like to know the ingredients and recipes for Italian cakes and pies. please help me if you will. i want to make an Italian cake for the 4th of July and i want an easy recipe. Thanks MLJ

    1. Hi Miranda -Sorry I didn’t get back to you before the 4th – maybe you made the panna cotta? There is also a recipe for an easy crostata di marmellata that you find via the blog search feature. Happy baking!

    1. My gelatin sheets do not have any “strength” noted on them. I just use the standard kind found in an Italian supermarket.

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