7 thoughts on “Dinner with Cashmere Goats in Tuscany – The Inside Story

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this post. Guess I was too busy dodging the goat horns to notice the dogs yapping. Thanks for resharing, too…tuscan traveler!

  1. Anita! You’ve captured it all perfectly – Mom, the goats, the mud and burnt sausages… you just took me back to my childhood! 😉 How bruised were your thighs??

    1. @Sammy – Glad I brought back such “real” memories! You Mom is definitely one of a kind! As I recall, I was balck and blue all over, but the sausage wasn’t THAT burnt- we wolfed it all down!

  2. Last week at this time, I was at the farm picking out my new adopted kid – HRH the prince of popcorn! My cousin, Morgan, is now the new farmhand. She’s cute, smart, and tough. Much like Nora. And she loves being there. And I miss being there!

    1. Hope you enjoy watching your adopted kid grow up! Glad to hear that your cousin is tough – the romance of farm life can wear off quickly if you aren’t tough – but for those who love it and don’t mind the work, there is no better life.

  3. Nora, I was one of the group visiting , combing the goats & enjoying the lovely lunch both You & Julie served us at your garden house.. Geovana put us in touch as she & gals are knitters so went on home with many of your fine cashmere., in fact she adopted ‘Lazerath’.
    The entire experience was de-lightful & truly a learning one.
    I too would like to adopt a baby “KID’ , a girl of “Capachino” for my twin Great, Grandbabes to have the joy of watching ” her” grow
    I made a purchase that should cover this honor, & would like to name ‘her’ as well….not quite sure how this all works so would you please guide me,Nora.
    so ill be looking forward to your direction.
    Euni Rivera

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