6 thoughts on “Grape Harvest in Chianti Tuscany – Italian Wines & Wine Culture

  1. I just returned from Tuscany and Cinque Terra and saw a monorail train(tram) that grape and olive farmers use to transport grapes up and down steep slopes. Do you know who manufacturers these grape harvesting trains?

    1. Hello Phil – I don’t know the manufacturer, but you might try searching in Italian under “monorotaie Cinque Terre”. They also exist in Switzerland, so could also be manufactured there. Good luck with your search!

  2. Your writing is quite descriptive and enjoyable to read…wonderful images of Italian life…reminds me of an old friend of my mother’s who has since passed on named “Mimi”. She told the greatest stories…and was An Italian WWII bride. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good article, Thank you. I got curious when one morning while staying Le Leppe I saw 4 or 5 horsemen all dressed alike wearing snake boots and carrying long forked “snake” sticks. Their dress was uniform. What do they do with the snakes? and do they find many/ Interesting.

    Thank you, again,
    “Bill” Shaw

  4. This is such a nice blog, glad you do it. I hope to take us back to Tuscany soon and will be happy to learn from you.


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