From Locked Down Italy, with Love

A Call For Global Solidarity – Social Distancing, Act Now

From Italy, with Love

From our peaceful corner of our beloved locked-down country, we are sending a plea for global solidarity in order to stop the spread of Covid-19. Just a few weeks ago, several places in the world were trying to figure out what to do, how to move forward, or take a step back. Mistakes were made, situations underestimated, but now is not the time to point fingers or place blame.

Now is the time to listen to the medical experts who have been on the front lines in fighting the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and to take what is now considered the most important step for containment: social distancing. In a country like Italy, with its love for the evening passeggiata, leisurely shared meals, and family gatherings, you can only imagine how this idea goes against what Italians love to do on a daily basis, yet now, we are all doing it. We are doing it not only because the health of our nation is our top priority, but also that of the rest of the world, and of the weakest among us. While many infected patients recover, in Italy, 24% need hospitalization, which has put a great strain on one of the finest healthcare systems in the world.

We urge you to do your part, for the greater common good. Right now, you could be an asymptomatic carrier unknowingly spreading the virus simply by going about your daily routine. You need to stop. You need to stay at least 1 meter away from other people, avoid all crowded events and public transport, and stay home as much as possible. This is social distancing, and worldwide medical experts agree that this is the only way to at least slow the spread, and hopefully considerably lessen it. Of course, continue to wash your hands, and all the other hygiene tips that have been circulating for weeks, but first and foremost is social distancing.Yesterday, the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, tightened the already numerous restrictions in Italy, and for the first time in an historically divided parliament, every parliament member agreed and voted yes. The staggering blow to the economy will be mitigated with a 25 billion euro fund to help businesses and families that have been negatively affected. We have lost our total income for at least the first half of the year, if not all of 2020, and yet we strongly support these measures.
Now that China has got their contagion levels under control, they are sending Italy medical supplies and doctors that have experience in treating covid-19 virus patients. On the part of all of Italy, we thank you, China, for your solidarity.
Right now, we feel fragile, but underneath we can feel untapped strength bubbling up – we will get through this. We, and Italy, will be back, stronger than ever, ready to welcome you with open arms. But for now, we need to step back and act for the global good.
Love to all from Italy –
Anita Iaconangelo & Emanuele Lorusso

4 thoughts on “From Locked Down Italy, with Love

  1. What a positive and courageous perspective you are sharing. It has been hard to watch from a distance but as you so accurately have said, for better and worse, we are in this together. My area of California recieved last Monday a quarenteened cruise ship full of passengers. Hopefully we can learn from Italy and China how to react: to both welcome others and be safe.
    You are right that only in solidarity can we get through this sucessfully, true for so many aspects of life.
    Best Wishes,
    May you use this time constructively,

    1. So much has changed since you wrote your comment. I continue to write every day about what is happening in Italy, as I see the virus spread to the rest of the world. Hard times everywhere, solidarity is a must. Try and stay well. We have now been confined at home in Italy for 3 weeks, going out only for food & pharmacy every 6 days. But we are fine, still among the lucky ones!

  2. Dear Anita and Emanuele,
    E’ da molto tempo che non ci vediamo.
    We are thinking of you, your family of relatives and friends, ITALIA and SICILIA. Thank you for the informative, heart felt writing in your blog. It has been a while, but I still fondly recall our (always memorable) encounters throughout the years beginning in Boulder, extending to various colorful locales in Italy. Hope to see you when the world calms a bit. In the meantime…. keep writing and cooking….you excel at both!

    1. Ciao Bella! It is so lovely to hear from you. I hope you are staying safe and well. Lockdown, day 23 for us! So far we have been lucky, but worry as cases in Sicily slowly rise. I also have fond memories of time spent with you. I will be putting my FB lockdown posts on a new site, small fee based, as our current situation means no tours. We hope that will change for the fall and we will be welcoming people back to Italy. Hope to see you agian in a more beautiful future. Un abbraccio forte – Anita & Emanuele

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