Join Colorful Celebrations at the Best Festival Tours in Sicily

St. Joseph's table with elaborate breads are featured on our Festival Tour of Sicily in honor of San Giuseppe

On this Festival Tour of Sicily in honor of San Giuseppe, we visit private homes where tables of elaborate breads and every imaginable sweet are laid out in an astonishing display. We will also participate in a food auction, watch parades, and much more! We can tailor this tour to your small private group in mid-March with walking or cooking lessons, too. Contact us at [email protected]

The San Sebastian celebrations are among the best festivals in Sicily and  a perfect tour for families in Sicily, as well as seeing the Onion Festival

This Festival Tour of Sicily includes two of the best festivals in Sicily that should not be missed by summer visitors! The San Sebastiano festival is an explosion of color and noise, an amazing mix of folklore and religion that is packed with local devotees. A few days later, taste the huge sweet onions that a town celebrates at their annual Onion Festival in Sicily. Lots of fun and great for families. August 10-15, 2020. Email us if interested: [email protected]

Italian Connection

Italian Connection