Escape the Cold with a Winter Vacation in Italy, Cuba or Costa Rica

Escape the painful cold of winter to a soul-soothing vacation in a warmer climate, with plenty of activities to inspire you and great food to satisfy the most demanding palate.

  • Costa Rica Experience
    Travel to the most remote corner of Costa Rica and encounter a stunning variety of wildlife, soak in the ocean views from your breezy balcony, snorkel with vividly-colored fish and see flocks of bright scarlet macaw
  • Cuba Experience, Small Group People-to People Tour
    Immerse yourself in Cuban culture, taste the tropical delights of rising chefs, explore the backstreets of Havana and the colorful town of Trinidad,  learn some cool  salsa moves, and meet welcoming Cubans in their homes.
  • Sicily Grand Tour
    Experience the colorful contrasts of Palermo, from dazzling Norman mosaics to raucous street markets, Boat to the tiny Carthaginian island of Mozia, and see the funeral urns to sacrificial gods, touch the massive columns of ancient Greek temples, admire soaring Baroque cathedrals in Noto and Ragusa, observe flocks of pink flamingos resting by a turquoise sea, breathe in the scent of almond blossoms during this mild winter tour of Sicily.
Italian Connection

Italian Connection