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    1. I did the alcohol for 30 days and then added the simple syrup for another 30 days with the Leon zest left in. Strain it twice with coffee filters in the fine strainer. It turned out great. Great taste..

  1. Mar23 I made a very similar homemade limoncello recently! Yours looks just perfect and full of bright, summery flavor. I’m planning on making mine into a cocktail with some champagne Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi,

    I”ve been making limoncello like this for years. One other thing, though, is that I take the peels after I am done with the limoncello and boil them in sugar syrup to make candied lemon peel. After they boil for 5-10 minutes (until translucent, toss them in granulated sugar and dry on a tray. Then, if you want, you can keep the sugar syrup for a nice lemon syrup for crepes or pancakes.

    1. Hi Jeff – Always nice to hear from a fellow limoncello maker! Since I use a lemon zester which produces tiny shreds of peel, and I steep my lemon peels for at least a month, after that time the zest is crunchy and white and appears to be flavorless. I don’t think it would make a good candied lemon peel. Plus, candied lemon peel normally calls for part of the white pith, which I avoid when making limoncello because of bitterness. How do you cut your peel for limoncello and how long do you steep?

  3. Actually your limoncello recipe yields about 27% alcohol not 33%. You also have to take into account the weight of the sugar as well when calculating not just the weight of the liquid..

    1. He is talking volume percent not weight percent (proof is by definition volume percent). The sugar will add volume but not that much (in that much water)

  4. Your recipe popped up when I Googled “Can you freeze lemon peel for limoncello?”, but I don’t see that referenced anywhere. Just picked my entire crop of lemons (about 25) off my 4-year-old lemon tree, but I’m not prepared to make a double batch at this time (plus I’ve got oranges to do as well). Do you know if you can freeze the zest for later use? I would think it would work, since you don’t really care about their appearance…

  5. Anita,
    I just made your limoncello recipe, can I save the lemon peel for another batch? Or do you have any good ideas for alcohol-soaked lemon peel?:)

    1. Amie-

      All of the flavor of your lemon zest should be in the first batch, so you cannnot re-use them, and I don’t know of another use. Hope you enjoy drinking your limoncelllo!

  6. I just plucked a 35 day soaked chip from my first ever batch.
    It packed a punch. I think the peels would make a nice garnish in a summer lemon based cocktail.

  7. I am making limoncello and was wondering if when it is done and all bottled for gifts could I peel a piece of the lemon peel off a new lemon to drop into the bottles? just so it looks really nice. do you think it would ruin the taste?

  8. Hi Anita

    I’ve started this process but the peel has been steeping now for more than two months – is it likely to be ruined or do you think it might be ok?



  9. Anita entroduced my wife Sandy and I to lemoncello in 1997 during our hikeing tour , which was a fantastic experience and our all time favorite vacation. We have been back to Italy a number of times and recently stayed in a Villa near Siena, but the Italian Connection tour is hands down the best way to see Italy and Anita did a wonderful job for us. We were in Montachino last week and drank a toast to your tour. Ciao from Texas !

  10. Have you ever used homegrown tangerines instead? I have trees full of Meyer Lemons which I intend to use.

    How do I make the creamy lemoncello? I love both

    1. Hi Susanna, Yes, you can use tangerines instead of lemons – I have tasted some that other people have made because my tangerines were used for marmalade (both delicious!) I am afraid that I do not know how to make the creamy kind of limoncello, but the clear kind should taste great with your Meyer lemons.

  11. Some seem to prefer cloudy lemoncello, some clear .. I’ve done it both ways. In the beginning it was accidental and couldn’t figure out what the difference was till recently.
    I found if you want it cloudy, let the sugar water cool down first before combining, if you want it a lot clearer, put the sugar water in when it’s HOT. Make sure you know the right solution, because if you need to water it down later it gets cloudy.
    n.b. Orangecello is a lot easier to get a very nice clear dark yellow liquid ..

    1. I’ve just made a batch using the peel of 2 medium oranges and 5 larger grapefruit and it’s quite pleasant..
      However, even though it was only around 25% of total peel, the orange did take the overhand in taste. I’ve a feeling though that grapefruit by itself may be somewhat bland . Next time I use this combination I’ll use a couple of smaller tangerines instead to enhance the taste without taking it over.
      I use 96% vol. alcohol base .. this gives you all the options on how strong you really want it.
      1 liter of 96% + 1.5 ltrs water & 750 grams sugar still packs a kick too strong for most… I usually use 2 ltrs of water + sugar.
      Limoncello or Orangecello is our regular evening tipple, been making it for quite a few years.
      Experimenting with different citrus combinations is interesting. Lemons, oranges (different types), mandarins, tangerines, grapefruits, limes .. haven’t yet tried kumquat.

      1. Hi David, It sounds like you have a good stock of tipple to see you through the pandemic! I have never tried making anything but limoncello, but I have tasted some delicious varieties made from tangerines, though you seem to be much more creative. I don’t drink a lot, so used my kumquats to make some delicious jam last month.

  12. What about adding the lemon juice to the peels and liquor? What affect would this have? I have seen some recipes that do this.

    1. I have never tried adding the lemon juice – I freeze the juice to use in lemon granita or desserts.

  13. Just made a 2 liter batch. I had wondered about the cloudy clear thing and I finally got my answer here. I also boil the sugar water for about 10 minutes. This really changes the taste of the syrup. Someone mentioned Grapefruit. A very dear friend of mine made a batch and it was quite good. I tip a little glass of it once and a while to remember him since he has passed.
    I do have something to add to this though
    I also have made essentially Lemon Marnier by blending my limoncello with some good Cognac. I make the limoncello a bit sweeter for making this. It is wonderful!

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